The challenge of Graiman Industrial Group’s social responsibilities is to create a shared value with our collaborators , suppliers and with the community from the perspective of  social, economic and environmental sustainability.


Some of the social responsibility areas in which we are currently working include:

  1. Replacement of the energetic matrix.
  2. ¡We are neutral carbon!
  3. Water treatment system
  4. Planting the first 100 trees in the Jadán mine.
  5. Professional training program




Replacement of the Energetic Matrix



This replacement of the energetic matrix in addition to a suitable  environmental management has allowed a sustainable and constant development in the manufacturing sectors which is a fundamental pillar in the growth and change of the production matrix like the one we would like to implement in Ecuador.

The results:

  1. A succesfull project..
  2. Imports substitution, new local job positions.
  3. Clean energy, the reduction of 18 000 tons of CO2 each year in the Earth’s atmosphere.
  4. Incursion in cutting edge technology.
  5. Risk reductions as subsidies, variability in international pricing.
  6. Energetic competitiveness: long-term sustainability



¡We are neutral carbon!



Trough an exhaustive revision of our emissions and by contributing specific solutions to decrease and compensate them, Graiman has become the first company, regionally, to obtain the Carbon Neutrality Certification.

Some of the strategies used to achieve this goal were:

  • Energetic efficiency.
  • Transportation and fuel optimization.
  • Carefulness, selection, and concern about water, electricity and other inputs.
  • Concern and maintenance of large extensions forests and woods.
  • Waste management: recycling and reutilization.


We are aware that the conditions in which we deliver our Planet to future generations is in our hands and rely on immediate actions.

One of the strengths of our Organization is to think big, to break paradigms, dispel limits and to be supportive, caring and responsible for our actions.





Water treatment system


  • USD 300 000 invested in a treatment system and reutilization of industrial water
  • 97% of reused industrial water in our procedures with the cost of USD 120 000 per year.
  • 75% of industrial water is reused in the procedures.
  • 63% reduction of water received from the river.
  • 90% reduction in solid suspension.
  • 85% reduction of drainage discharge.


Nosotros creemos en el Ecuador y el Ecuador debe creer y confiar en su Industria.


Professional training program



“The human being achieves dignity through work and rejoices in the accomplishment of goals and objectives. It is important that every person to work in our organization knows how much we concern for their professional and personal development.”, Alfredo Peña Payró, Graiman Industrial Group CEO.

This professional training program has developed in a change management project initiated by the Graiman Industrial Group.  The consulting firm Momentum is in charge of developing key skills for the strategy required to achieve the posed challenges.