Graiman was founded in February 1994, with 100% invest of Ecuadorian capital. It is strategically located in Cuenca, Ecuador ceramic city by excellence. The region and it surroundings contains soils full of rich clays, feldspars and kaolin that have made of this a privileged place for the development of the ceramic industry.

Graiman was technologically born as one of the most modern factories of America, with a productive capability of 4921 ft. each day thanks to the natural boost of  relying on raw materials for more than 50 years; as well as the awareness of implanting a continuous improvement system, which project us to a quite defying future.

Nowadays, after never-ending efforts to qualify our human resources and a permanent inversion and a technological renovation, we elaborate products that satisfy the requirements of our clients.

We fabricate a wide variety of ceramic coatings for floors and walls, which allow us to create ceramic atmospheres that fulfill the most diverse requirements of the Ecuadorian homes, as well as other economic activity fields.

Graiman has its own exhibition  rooms for customer service in the matter of our floors and ceramic coatings in Cuenca, Quito, Guayaquil and Ambato, in addition to a network of distributors locally and nationwide. We are focused, as well, in satisfying the requirements of Latin-American and the American markets. The production, administration and sales divisions are found in Cuenca.


Our goal remains to be increasing our costumers satisfaction by maintaining a continuous improvement approach.



To produce and commercialize flat ceramics and glazed porcelains using leading-edge, and Eco-friendly technology, strengthen the highest standards in quality, service and efficiency , as well as maintaining a technically capable personnel and promoting the fulfillment of ethical and moral principles and human virtues development.



Profitability: Provide the costumer with the highest quality product at affordable pricing without neglecting the costs, in order to obtain economical profits.
Leadership: Having a cutting-edge design, technology, trends and costumer’s preference, whom allow the company to position itself as one of the leading enterprises in finishing works in construction.
Last in time: The achievement of both of the first goals gives the company a highlighted positioning and demand en the previously described sector, which makes it the greater asset by allowing to maintain and develop through time.



Quality Policies

Costumer satisfaction: To permanently investigate the needs of our clients y specifically the uses they give to our ceramic coatings in order to satisfy their requirements.
Products in accordance with national and international regulations: To fabricate and commercialize ceramic coatings with high-quality standards, reassuring that they meet national and international regulations.
Trustworthy collaborators with high-standard performances: To keep a human resources group with technical capability, to promote the fulfillment of ethical and moral principles and the development of human virtues.
Continuous improvement: To improve constantly the processes by using modern technology and materials that meet the requirements needed.